Semesters 1 - 4, 2011    

We had a very a nice time at both Sundays and Tuesdays groups,  working on different topics including family, things in the house, outer space, animals, insects, colours, numbers and shapes.

We worked very hard with Tuesday group on fine motor skills doing different finger songs there our favourite is still open shut them and 1,2,3,4,5 once I got a fish alive in Russian.  We danced and moved with music for gross motor and it seemed as everybody were getting with the rhythm of Russian «Сапожки на ножки” –almost ready to perform it on stage!


Our creativity at crafts was incredible! The most favourite craft of the term were of course binoculars and children went on with their imagination and pretended to watch stars and planets through them. 

Our Russian is building up with expressive language coming up from 2’s with astonishing why’s and wonders there I can’t help it not to smile. This term we learned many Russian fairytales, but emphasised on and cited 3 of them:  “Путанница” (К.Чуковский), “Про девочку, которая  плохо  кушает С.Михалков и  “ОсьминожекЕ.Друганова. We role-played those using finger and hand puppets and little dollies.


Our Sunday group worked hard on speech, social skills and language development. We were able to set a good rapport with each other and introduced successfully a team play on Sunday the 4th of April. Kids had fun going around obstacles but keeping all together at the same time. It was really enjoyable experience!  

 Our favourite songs on Sunday are a silly “open shut them” and “we are going up” in Russian.  It’s amazing how 5 year olds pick up songs very quickly and also build a huge base for 2’s to catch up with them. 

We role played many fairytales including “Lisichka so skalochkoy” and “Kolobok”.  We used our finger tales to show it. The group enjoyed freezing coloured ice and watched it melting.  We could study colours, numbers, materials and its transformations via this little experiment and we are going to repeat it again next term.

The Sunday kids just knocked me with their creativity and passion shown at craft time. The best works will be exhibited on the wall at the end of the semester.

I hope everybody enjoyed our playsession time and I hope to see you all next term!